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Villa Grabau


Villa Grabau

Nestled in the idyllic Tuscan landscape of Italy, Villa Grabau presents an enchanting setting for weddings.
This 16th-century estate boasts stunning Renaissance and neoclassical architecture, providing a timeless backdrop for exchanging vows.
Surrounded by lush italian gardens, the villa exudes tranquility and romance, ideal for couples seeking an intimate and picturesque
celebration. Its ornate interiors and sprawling grounds offer endless opportunities for capturing unforgettable moments.
Additionally, its proximity to historic towns like Lucca and Pisa allows guests to explore the region’s rich culture and heritage, making it the perfect destination for couples dreaming of a truly memorable Tuscan wedding experience.

A timeless Tuscan gem blending Renaissance elegance with natural beauty

Ceremonies: Symbolic and Civil weddings

Receptions: Outdoors and indoor option available

Capacity: 200 outdoors, 300 indoors

Accommodation: Yes in sister property