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How to decorate & style a bridal shower

How to decorate & style a bridal shower

When your best friend gives you the honour as her bridesmaid. That means discussing wedding plans, going to bridal fittings, providing emotional support during the planning and of course, planning the all-important bridal shower! For those who have never organised a bridal shower - or even been to one - they can seem quite daunting to plan.

Having a theme for her bridal shower can make a party much more memorable. For example, a flower-crown workshop would really add to a festival-themed day, a rockabilly makeover would be perfect for a vintage day. There are so many options, from Gatsby themed to a disco with glitter balls.

Here is one we designed; to give you an idea of how to decorate and pull together a floral-crown workshop with a Bellini Bar.

The Stationery

We customised these menus to reflect our bride-to-be's personal style

Bellini Bar Signs

We created these Bellini Bar signs and drink labels for her bridal shower

Personalised Bunting

We created this super cute bunting in the bridal party colour to tie in with the theme

Ferrero Rocher Cake

This is the easiest cake to make, grab a whole lot of Ferrero Rocher's and layer them up

Bridal party theme

The overall theme came together with blush coloured napkins, swingtags for drinks and cute floral arrangements