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The best time of year to get married in Italy

The diaries are out and you're trying to choose the perfect date to get married - but what is the best time of year to get married in Italy? There is no doubt that the main wedding season in Italy runs from April to October. But the good news is you can get married here at anytime throughout the year.


Spring (March, April and May) in Italy is perfection - the days are starting to get long and the temperature is sublime (although March can still be a bit chilly!). Whether you are looking at a lake or countryside wedding, a city extravaganza or a beach festivity, you can't go wrong with a springtime wedding.


Summertime (June, July, August) is peak tourism season in Italy – but it can get very hot! August is the hottest month of the year, and it’s important to keep this in mind if you’re after an August wedding, There is also the national holiday - Ferragosto – on August 15, and holiday towns will be packed full with Italians on holiday around this date. Summertime is perfect for beautiful countryside or lakeside weddings, or perhaps more northern locations where it is a bit cooler than down south. The Amalfi Coast is also at its prime in summer, but you will definitely need to book in beach time for your guests!


Autumn (September, October, November) still offers magnificent weather, particularly in September. The temperature stays warmer the further south you are, so autumn months are great for weddings in Rome, the Amalfi Coast or in Sicily. The Italian Lakes and Tuscany are still hugely popular at this time of year too. Many venues will stop taking bookings at the end of October, with many tourism-focussed businesses closing for a few months to enjoy a long holiday over winter.


Winter (December, January, February) can still play host to beautiful weddings even though it’s not official wedding season. It also provides a good chance to find good deals and save some money. Cities and large hotels can still host magnificent weddings during winter. The Dolomites in northern Italy will also provided beautiful snow-covered backdrops for weddings.